Kill the Newsletter!

Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds.

How it Works

Step 1

Create a feed on the form above.
It generates an Atom feed and an email address.

Step 2

Subscribe to the generated Atom feed on a feed reader.

Step 3

Sign up for a newsletter with the generated email address.
Emails sent to this email address show up as entries on the Atom feed.

Fair Play

There’s nothing technical preventing the use of Kill the Newsletter! as disposable email inboxes. But the service exists for a single, well-defined purpose: to transform email newsletters into Atom feeds. Any other use isn’t welcome and abuse is going to result in service shutdown for everyone, which is sad. Please help keep Kill the Newsletter! alive by using Mailinator, Guerrilla Mail and others for your disposable-email needs.


The contents of the feeds belong to the publishers, of course. Kill the Newsletter! only transforms the emails into a different format. The code for the service is free software under the GPL v3 license. It is publicly available and anyone can contribute or self-host their own instances.